Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September1, 2010

The voice you hear is not that of your usual congenial blog host- but that of her compeer and partner in all things joyous.

However, there is little joy in mudville at this moment, actually for past 3 days as the amoebas done grabbed Jo by the tush and will not let go.  Compound this with the fact that the medicines she is taking- 5 days of a double dose 3 times each day- make her nauseous and unable to stand except to get to the toilet.

The positive side of all this is the weight loss- but Jo won't like me bringing that up.  All this is to say we love you all, and Jo will survive this turmoil- hopefully before it's my turn to melt into the couch.

The blog will return asap- and so will we, three weeks from tomorrow. We shall be heading home Sept.23.  Where all hugging and kissing will be much more than figurative.  Jo will return to the intrnet waves in a couple of days.

ciao bambini

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  1. Hola Jo.
    ¡Qué horror! Espero que te recuperes pronto.