Sunday, November 21, 2010

We have changed the house we'll live in

I know I said there wouldn't be any more posts, but life has few absolutes and I guess this wasn't one of them.

We have grown increasingly dubious about our choice of rental house for next year (see the blog from September 10).  This is the view that so captivated us, despite all the stairs.

As time has passed, the 8 or 10 flights of stairs up and down the hillside have loomed larger, not smaller.  We have become concerned that friends would find visiting us daunting, and that some friends would not physically be able to at all.  Rick says that his enthusiasm ran away with him (I guess I was an enabler ...).

I know we have told you about three or four houses we would be renting next year, but this is absolutely the final choice!

With the help of friends in San Miguel, we have been able to find a different house that is very lovely.  Because it has been listed for sale (the housing problem in the US has spilled over down there, so the owner has decided to rent it out instead) there are 360-degree rotation photos of the house on the realtor's website, and our friends also sent pictures from their visit.  We couldn't be more familiar with how it looks if we had been there ourselves.

For those of you familiar with San Miguel, the house is in the Colonia San Rafael and only six blocks from the Biblioteca and a couple more to the Jardin.  Here are some pictures, which I copied from the realtor's website. First, the living room and beyond it the dining room.

Here's the kitchen, to the left of the living room.

Here is your room when you come to visit.  It's on the first floor and has its own private full bath.

Upstairs, this is the solarium where we'll have our computers and a futon for overflow company.  It has a half bath.

This is our room upstairs, with its own private bath.

And here is the courtyard, with a fountain in the middle.  There is a covered area where we will put a table for eating outside and comfortable patio furniture.

The house has parking inside the walls, a washer and dryer on the rooftop terrace, comes with the services of a maid and a gardener (uncomfortably like the British Raj) and is absolutely huge at 3,000 square feet.  All this for $950 a month.

So we are vastly relieved that we won't have to schlep to the Mountainside Trek House, as our San Miguel friends Harry and Megan call it, and so delighted with the house we have now arranged to rent.

The moving truck comes on Monday, November 29; I am sure the mover is even more relieved about the change of destination than we are!  We will start the drive to San Miguel the following day, with Mela, our dog, and Lila Tov, our cat.

The adventure continues!