Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4

Hello, everyone

I'm slithering my way back to the land of the living.  It's been quite a week!  I don't know if the parasites -- in my case, the lab said, immature amoebas (!) -- were worse or the medicine was, but between the two of them I was a basket case for most of the week.  Yesterday Rick and I went to the doctor in the morning, and he decided I was dehydrated and needed to go back to La Clinica. While Rick was getting cash for that the doctor drove me to the clinic, which is about a mile or two from his "consultorio."  He hooked up my IV line -- no latex gloves -- and looked in on me three more times during the day.  The clinic itself was again nearly deserted, the same as it was last Saturday.  They put me in a very basic room, painted yellow, high ceiling, a window that opened wide, with a private bathroom.  The IV pole was so old the wheels had a hard time turning, and to raise the head end of the bed one turned a crank at the foot end.  I am only 5'3",  and that bed was short!

Rick took a great photo of me lying on the bed in the cliic with my IV line, but for some weird technological reason it won't load.  You'll have to make your own picture from my words.

I now have two liters of Mexican saline solution and glucose in me, and feel a lot better.  This morning Rick and I met a friend at a local cafe for breakfast, and made it through an hour and a quarter before the need to lie down became irresistible.  We've made a date to go out tonight with the same friend to the Jardin -- Bicentennial celebrations are everyplace now in September, especially the Jardin -- and hope I won't have to lie down on the pavement because all the benches will be taken.  Well, that little boy could, the one in the photo I showed you here a few weeks ago, so I guess I can ...

On Monday evening, before I was feeling too crummy to leave the sofa, I went to chorus rehearsal and found they are restructuring the chorus to a much better form.  Now it will be composed of several smaller groups and is to be known as El Coro de San Miguel de Allende, rehearsing and performing choral works from the classical repertoire.  Now the chorus has 20 or 25 people, including six men.  Oddly enough, five of them were tenors:  in the US, tenors are rarer than hen's teeth.  Fortunately the one bass was very good.

That evening we worked on a short but heavenly piece I already knew by Mozart, Ave Verum Corpus.  This is so much more to my liking!  And as luck would have it, the conductor said that we would all be grandfathered in -- in my case, grandmothered in -- but new members will have to audition.  As some of you know I've flunked every chorus audition I've ever tried, so this is a huge stroke of luck for me.  What's more, since I sang soprano in the old chorus because they had more than enough altos and needed sopranos, I'm singing soprano now and can finally sing the melody line after all these years of singing first alto.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that we won't be doing very many Es or higher.

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  1. So happy you are feeling more better! Take it easy, dear sister.