Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wde. 7/21

Hi all,  this is Rick from our aerie in mid-Mexico.

I probably needn't have made the disclaimer, for Jo and my voices are quite distinct, as you all know.

Today it stormed starting around 1 pm and lasting on and off until 5:30.  I will not say the storm was of biblical proportion- for Jo and I encountered such a deluge in Kauai some years back.  But the voice of the heavens made itself heard, most dramatically.

I seem to meet a great assortment of folks each day- all with interesting pasts.  The ice breaker in San Miguel is "do you live here or are you visiting, and if you live here for how long".

A brief synopsis of my Wednesday aqui.

Left the house early and stopped and visited with my new friend Chi Kaplan (33) and shot the proverbial excrement and discussed heading to Mineral De Posos for the blues festival this Saturday- seven bands, no cover only donations.  It is about 45 minutes on the road to Dolores Hidalgo.

Did weeks shop at Mega and the San Juan Mercado.

Headed to the Biblioteca for an Afro-Cuban Jazz concert on the patio- but it got drenched out.

Met an ancient woman Mary (age unknowable), barely ambulatory, who had just gotten a 6 week old puppy and needed help stooping to retrieve it from its curious wanderings.

Also met Fred (84) younger and sharper who invited me to a group talk about the revolutionary ascencion of the feminine principle  and the decline of the masculine taking place in much of the world.  One premise about the horrific, random violence today they believed to be Man's last hurrah- his futile protest about the loss of power that is out of his control.

  Quite interesting.  Six others not including myself- 4 men and 2 women.  All very bright.  I was the youngest of the Codgers at the Posada.  The discussion lasted almost 2 hours.

I then headed to the Empowerment Center only to learn the Song Circle announced in Attencion had not been in existence for many moons.

Never fear, I met Ron and his wife Dolores who invited me to join a Jam /Party with a bunch of their friends on Saturday night at 7 pm.  Got the email and accepted the invite.

Stopped in at Harry's Bistro (New Orleans style food and bar) and had one great mixed Sea food creme soup.

Tonight I shall laze and read.  As Jo says, be quiet enough to feel your poopatude.

I may or may not add to this Blog before Her Nibs (the bread and butter winner) returns.

Actually, writing this was a hoot- much easier than I thunk.

ps:  I haven't the patience to reread this minor tome- so any mistakes of spelling and grammar I dedicate to Jo.  She should have taught me better.

You are all, universally, being hugged.

da kid

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  1. What a vacation-life! Sounds like so very much fun. So how's the weather these days? I read that Mexico city last few days has been high about 72 or 73. Is that about what you are having?

    Hugs back!